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I love to read. I don’t allow myself enough time to do so, but I get a good one in when I can. Disciplining myself might be a good way to get my reading mojo back. You know cutting out watching YouTube videos of kittens might help😉.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to hear Diana Nyad speak in person twice of recent. She is dynamic. After the first meeting I attended I wrote about her HERE. Her book arrived while I was last in Virginia with mom and was my little surprise when I arrived home. I started reading it yesterday. I’m finding the words on the pages as dynamic as she is. Just six paragraphs in she has captured my soul with these inspirational words:

Take every minute, one at a time. Don’t be fooled by a perfect sea at any given moment. Accept and rise to whatever circumstance presents itself. Be in full tilt, your best self. Summon your courage, your true grit. When the body fades, don’t let negative edges of despair creep in. Allowing flecks of negativity leads to a Pandora’s box syndrome. You can’t stop doubts once you consent to let them seep into your tired, weakened brain. You must set your will. Set it now. Let nothing penetrate or cripple it.” …Diana Nyad, page 4, Find A Way.



3 thoughts on “Current Read

  1. I don’t read as much as I should. My job requires that I read technical documents most of the day. The last thing I want to do in my downtime is read. I like to read books at the beach. I may have to pick this one up.

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