Gratitude for the ability

Right now I am filled full of gratitude from the soles of my feet up through the warmth of my heart. I am grateful for my abilities to do what I do.

I awoke today with a start knowing it would be a busy one ahead. By 07:30 I was at work on my computer sending and answering e mails. I had three homes closing escrow today and another one almost into escrow. Showering and eating breakfast between calls I managed to get my gym clothes on for that one moment I could break away for “Me” time.

Nine thirty AM found me unplugging the car and speeding away to the gym during a period of the day when I could see calm. Finally an hour and a half to sweat, pump and stretch! After my muscles were pumped, I hoped into the car for a quick stop by the post office to mail a few bills and home to get back to work and eat a bit of lunch.

Many E-mails and a few calls later attempting organizing the chaos, I was able to grab a quick coffee with a dear friend before grocery shopping and stopping by my favorite liquor store for the weekly lottery tickets. Back at my computer and several more E-mails later I spent a half hour consulting with a past client who has decided to sell and move closer to the coast. Only then was I able to find a moment to start my meditation series online with Deepak Chopra.

By 4 PM all three of my escrows had confirmed closing. Today’s total is $3,565,000 in closed sales. Dinner went into the oven and I raced out to give possession to one of the buyers. Now that I’m back home I just exchanged E-mails with the agent for the offer I have out and looks like we will not hear if we are accepted until tomorrow. After dinner I will head to my 6:30 PM meeting.

What the hell am I getting to here? I’m getting to gratitude. The gratitude for the physical ability to do what I did today. The gratitude for the ability to manage my clients emotions and stress and my own at the same time. The gratitude for the monetary return of my work. The gratitude if the blessings of life that I get to work, share, run, love, stress, relax, drive, workout and even cook dinner. The gratitude as the lasagne crosses my lips and titlates my tastebuds before sharing some time with dear friends at a meeting I will soon find myself enjoying, before returning to my wonderfully comfortable bed that will transport me around the dark side of the sun into yet another day of blessings.

3 thoughts on “Gratitude for the ability

  1. A long and productive day, focussing on what you can do, not on the 1,000 little things that didn’t happen just the way you wanted. Focussing on what went right is so much more productive.

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