A Fearsome Tradition

I’ve been carving pumpkins each year since my mother first trusted me with a knife.





I carved these fellas this afternoon. Normally I would keep them all around and have 3 or 5 on my front porch. Alas it is a Saturday night and we are going to meet friends out on University Avenue for dinner. We have a table reserved front and center to watch the goings on. So two are being given away, one to each of my nearby neighbors and one will stay here to light the room later as The Better Half and I watch a holiday movie upon our return from dinner.

Years ago, in my all but not too distant past, I would have been among the throngs being watched. We have done our share of elaborate group costumes attracting attention and having a blast. Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t necessarily done and have not become fuddy duddies, it’s just this year we will spectate.

I’ll leave you with the most Fearsome of all of Transylvania’s Transvestites as I am escaping to the bathroom to turn Fearsome black. We will be spectating as Superman. If Superman were to have Fearsome on his face, Fearsome would be black. No worries it’s only temporary!


5 thoughts on “A Fearsome Tradition

  1. I love when you talk about where you are going, because I know mostly all the streets you reference, having grown up in San Diego. I doubt that University Ave. can compete with Santa Monica Blvd. for Halloween, but that is a good thing. These days I don’t go near the festival, even though it is only 3 miles from me.

    I love University Ave., but it has changed much since the days when I was running around it looking for trouble and love. That was 30 years ago, and Rich’s was Dillon’s club, the Ralphs and Whole Foods were not there, and there were no cell phones. The last time I was in Hillcrest (last year), I was aware of the age of the buildings, and it seems as though it is primed to either be taken over by a new group of visionaries, or be left to crumble over time. It seems that all the kids are going to Little Italy these days, yes? But my memories of University Ave. will never crumble, I hope, but only grow more wistful with the years. I hope you had a great Halloween.

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