Twenty Five Years Ago

I thank Joe Jervis over at Joe.My.God for making me aware of this anniversary.

Joe’s post is HERE.

I first wrote about this tune HERE.

I have many emotions tied to this tune. I consider it part of a  defining moment in my life. It evokes both joy and sadness when I hear it. I loved and lost so many in it’s era. It’s lyrics tear at my core while reminding me of the joy, love and laughter that we all shared. The Pet Shop Boys gave me and many others like myself a gift with Being Boring. I thank them for it.

I dedicate this post to Greg. Although you are now missing, I will never forget the love, joy and tears we shared as we danced to this tune as the wind enveloped our bodies as it blew in off the ocean that beautiful evening at Tea By The Sea, Atlantic Shores, Key West. We were never Being Boring, we were never being bored.

5 thoughts on “Twenty Five Years Ago

  1. This tune? Memories of me and my wonderful friend Mary. In her parent’s living room on a Saturday night, neither of us with a date, dancing and wondering what might happen in the years ahead.

    I’m godfather to her terrific teenage son.

    Thanks for taking me back there.


  2. These types of songs are precious ; i hope everyone has some tunes which evoke similar bittersweet emotions.
    I always enjoy these types of posts when you post them.

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