A Question

Just finished a session with Diana Nyad. Wow!

Her story amazing and her message moving. So glad I’m here.

One thought I wish to keep here for me, and for you, is a question she posed…

“What are you actually doing with this wild and wonderful life you have been given?”

All In

Today Fearsome has to sit through one of my motivational conferences. Brian Buffini’s Mastermind Summit. He seems to enjoy it, I love it. We will share words of wisdom after the conference compilation tomorrow evening. Last night Les Brown reminded us that we all…all of us….have greatness within.

The room of three thousand starting to fill this morning. "All in to win!"

The room of three thousand starting to fill this morning. “All in to win!”

Fearsomely un·con·di·tion·al

Contemplative beard Fearsome is tonight.

My family just left this morning headed to their homes back east. My brother, his wife, two of their kids, their son in law and a 2 1/2 year old granddaughter. It was a crazy time here at the usually quiet home of Fearsome. He had a great time.

I’ve written about unconditional love before on this here blog thingy. I felt that love for the past week. My niece and nephew that live here in San Diego were over often. We’ve been to the beach a couple times, a Padre game, numerous breweries, cooked at home, ate out, shopped on the bay, walked San Diego Zoo and strolled the streets of old town. We’ve laughed, played, cheered, talked politics, listened, told stories, entertained a child, washed dishes, shared videos from the internet and made memories.

Loving unconditionally. Period. Family, it’s what you do.

I am blessed. I am grateful. I appreciate. I love. I am humbled.



I contemplate the meaning. I feel the emotion. I grow. I understand deeper what the value, the real treasure, of life is.

Live, love, laugh, cry, feel, share…wholeheartedly.

It’s nicer than Betty Monroe had

The Rocky Horror Picture Show was released 40 years ago today. I didn’t see the show until about 5 years later at a midnight showing at the local XXX theatre. Suddenly I found myself in a room full of people like me. The first time in my life that acceptance, love, fun and laughter was shared by all…unconditionally.

Needless to say, I was hooked. Each week I would return for many showings to come. By the time I graduated high school I probably had at least 100 showings under my belt. I admit that the film had an impact on me, one that helped shape who I have become.

(Tipped by JMG)

Fearsome Music

Few are more Fearsome than Lady Bunny.

With the family here I need some beats to keep me moving while I cook dinner. Lady Bunny put this toe tapper out not too long ago and it’s just the tune to lift me up!

May your evening lift you up to new heights as well!

Joe.My.God has moved

Fearsome is a long time daily reader of Joe.My.God.

Today Joe moved his blog from Blogger to WordPress. His site address changed and I have taken the liberty of making that change to the link over in Fearsome Buds for your blog reading convenience. If you have a moment click over and check out his new digs.

Giving credit where credit is due… While many bloggers inspired me (Spo, Anne Marie, Eric, Blobby to name only a few) JMG was the first blog I ever read and has obviously inspired me as well.

Thanks Joe!

Got Got Got Got No Time

Damn life can get busy. Whew!

Home improvements, work and family coming to visit Saturday…for a week!

So if you’ve noticed a slight decline in written prose on this here blog thingy, I’m here to tell you your perception ain’t a foolin’ you. I can’t wait till I have time to ponder, contemplate and compose. Until then keep enjoyin’ the beards and take a little listen to The Guess Who.

I loved this tune when I was a boy, still do.