Diana Nyad ….just plain Fearsome

Remember a couple years back about this time of year that a lady, that had been trying for several years, finally actually swam from Cuba to Key West? That was Diana Nyad. She is best known as a sports broadcaster from her days in the early 1980s on ABC Wide World Of Sports into her later years at FOX Sports. She is one talented, strong, fearsome and inspirational woman.

If you noticed my short post yesterday, I had the honor, the blessing, to spend more than an hour in the audience as she spoke. She is beautiful, sincere, funny, kind, reassuring, inspiring, entertaining and most of all moving. I am twice blessed that I will soon be in Philly at a different training conference where she once again will be speaking. I’m getting there early that day as I want a front row seat this time. I was in awe, this next time I can absorb.

Diana has a book coming out in October and next year will be asking 1 million people to join her for part, or all of, her walk from the Pacific to the Atlantic as a motivator to help get Americans out of the sedentary lifestyle and on their feet. I plan to join her. No not for all of it, my real estate clients do expect me to work sometime, but for a part of it. For such a noble cause with such an inspiring woman I can spend a whole day walking across our beautiful land.

Below is a short TED talk that she did shortly after her 110  mile swim at the age of 64. It’s short compared to the time I was blessed to spend with her yesterday but well worth the watch. Never ever give up, the joy is the journey…..keep on that journey and you will get more than you ever imagined.

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