You & I deserve …

-In this life you and I both deserve people in our lives that love us not despite our imperfections and vulnerabilities, but because of them.-

I just found this statement scratched on a note pad a moment ago as I am cleaning out a kitchen drawer preparing for the painter to paint our kitchen. I had written it down when watching Brene Brown’s TED talk. What a powerful statement. I’m so glad it got misplaced in that drawer. I found it right when I needed it.

It reminds me to be imperfect and vulnerable with those I love, without fear. I can only grow stronger through this process and our love more deep, more intimate.

4 thoughts on “You & I deserve …

  1. That is exactly the relationship I’ve got going right now…we understand our strengths and weaknesses, do not judge but love, and while we walk together in our sameness we celebrate and uphold our difference. It is the first time in living memory I’ve been so blessed to have someone who actually works on the relationship purposefully and beyond self. Love flows from the support though miles at present separate; our goal always in sight – close the gap, tie the knots, live love through.

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