Or I guess one could also spell it Sinceriously.

...from The Urban Dictionary...

…from The Urban Dictionary…

I first encountered this term on a t-shirt while waiting to get into the Wednesday Preview Night at Comic-Con San Diego. I liked it. I then encountered it two more times during the next four days. Funny how once you notice something it gets on your radar. I like it as defined and plan to sinseriously start using it when appropriate.

So as I’ve contemplated it I’ve decided to submit another definition to The Urban Dictionary. I hope they accept it. Like many English words it can have more than one definition. Look at it from this angle;


A serious desire to go out and commit sin. Fun sin. Adultery, drunkeness, gambling, lust…you’re getting the picture. In a sentence it would be used as such;

I just planned out my trip to Las Vegas and I’m gonna sinseriously. That guy is so hot I just want to sinseriously with him. With all this booze we have for our party tonight, it’s time to sinceriously.

Fun with words I say!


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