Marriage, it’s legal.

My last post went up minutes before the U.S. Supreme Court validated our relationships nationwide.

Congratulations to all!


We, a married couple, in front of U.S. Supreme Court in April 2015 just before our 25th anniversary. Today that court validated all Gay and Lesbian relationships as equal and validated us for who we are, who we love.

7 thoughts on “Marriage, it’s legal.

  1. Being a staunch Libertarian I am glad that those who wish to tie the knot in a traditional way now have that right. Sadly it had to be made a right by law, not by nature. As a Libertarian I believe the bedroom is so sacred that it is nobody’s business, and thereby, that sacred bond between two people need not be judged or commented by me for any weight or validation. I love LOVE. Love is good, always.
    Here is where things get very, very messy: houses of worship are almost overwhelmingly 501(c)3 designations for tax exemptions granted by government. Thereby, they are not free agents. I have counseled many religious organizations to tread lightly when it comes to the freedom to love; they have not been the harbingers of sound, moral relationships en masse. The next step will be, I predict, that same sex marriages will be mandated in churches. For a lot of denominations, that is still an abomination, and there is where the rubber hits the road. Will they fold? Will they radicalize? Will they comply, finding the need to mend what they help tear up?
    I have been a person of strong Judeo-Christian faith and values since a small child, serving in some places few could ever imagine, counselling Priests, Ministers and Rabbis quietly. Even with those values I see the need for today’s ruling to become prominent.
    Exclusion, nepotism, harrassment, bigotry, bullying…not values of men and women of faith. The great Commandment from Yeshua (Christ) Himself is ‘Love one another as I have loved you.’ He laid down his life. An ultimate sacrifice for others. He is not about hate, and is about justice, mercy and humility. That is the God I love, serve wholeheartedly, and am grateful to see truth come from – so that maybe, just maybe – we can heal as a culture and nation, finally.

    • Whoa, that’s a lot to swallow on a day when I get to take a step toward being equal.
      All I can say is this, I don’t care if people choose to worship a God that does not validate me as equal…that is their choice. As humans we don’t choose our sexual orientation, we are born with it, whether gay or straight. As humans we do get to choose whom we worship or not worship as a supreme deity. I respect the way people are born and I respect the choice that others can make as to what religious belief they have, as long as they respect me as a person to have the right to be me. If a church does not respect my right to live as I was born and to believe what I choose, that is their right. However they have no right other than to their personal belief, they have no right to make laws governing my right to love and be who I am.
      I feel a song coming on…..cue Barbra!

      • Being who I am, people may invalidate me, but who I trust in, He never has. And, surprisingly, I believe this was coming in part to validate the bigger issue: Love – and the freedom to love whom we choose. So I celebrate with you, understanding there is still a long road ahead and some ugly to deal with. But LOVE wins, every time. It just did again, today.

  2. A happy time indeed, F.B. My best wishes to you and yours on this auspicious day, which must, surely, deserve to be remembered for many years to come. Wonderful!

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