Why this beard likes Hillary

Disclaimer:….Being that this is not a political blog, this entry is not meant to rouse support for any one candidate nor is it written to sway anyone to any political leaning. I write to journal my thoughts about a woman that I happen to admire….


I was raised Republican. I voted the party line until the 1992 Presidential elections. I voted for Bill. I had started to get away from the beliefs instilled in me mainly because I was gay and had grown tired of watching all of my friends die of a disease that I felt our government should be doing more about. Therefore I pulled the lever for a Democrat for the first time. I felt like I was betraying the values I had been raised in.

A lot has changed in me since that day. I have become quite the liberal over the years. While I don’t necessarily vote straight democratic, I vote mostly democratic. I try to keep an open mind but most that resonate with my current core values are liberal and sometimes very much so. That’s me and a bit of my background, I hope that readers can respect that.

Hillary as we first got to know her.

Hillary as we first got to know her.

Bill had this blonde wife that came out with a powerful positive get it done energy about her. She stepped out of the classic First Lady role into a leading role. I really liked that. A woman not afraid to speak her mind and then do something about what her mind was set on. I found this not only refreshing but inspiring.

She got a lot of backlash. I guess she was too much, out of the classic First Lady role, too fast. The powers that be had to do some damage control and tone her down. I was disappointed about that. I remember thinking “Two for the price of one! Now let’s get some work done!” Then I was reminded that Bill, and only Bill was elected, not Hillary. Damn. I had been toned down as well I guess. She went on to do well as a First Lady and Bill as a great President. I was sad to see them leave office, but that’s how it works here and I believe in limits and the spirit of rotation.

Then off to New York and in short time Hillary became Senator Clinton. I was elated. The woman that I respected with her drive had gone to work. Work to continue moving forward. That is an ethic I admire. No retirement after hubby dear finished his presidency. No writing only a book and making dollars off of speaking engagements. She  was a liberal woman with ideals to help the working class American get and stay on their feet. She was vibrant and ambitious, she put herself to work to keep working for others. Face it, she and Bill were set for life after his term was up. They could be living comfortably without this stress.

So as if service in the Senate was not enough, she threw her hat in and ran for President. When she wasn’t nominated she didn’t stop. Back to being a Senator. Then when the new President that beat her out of the nomination called, she was there ready to serve as Secretary of State. One thing Hillary is not afraid of is work. Hard work. Stressful work. Hell, when does this woman sleep? She so inspires me. I do not have her drive to serve, nor do I wish to have that much drive. But she inspires me to have some drive to serve others, help others, better my community and keep on working. There is reward in service and work. It’s worth the time and effort. She reminds me of this easily forgotten fact.


Secretary of State Hillary

After her Secretary of State position she actually did take a couple years off. Well deserved time to rest, reflect, examine, decide and plan. Decide she did. As most thought she would do, she is running for President. No retirement, no golf courses or painting classes. Bill makes a fortune speaking. Chelsea is married, has a child and a career. Hillary has many reasons that she could just stop. Both she and Bill have left a great legacy of service and good. But why stop? She has drive. She has good ideals. She can still work to make even more of a difference. She can help a people, a country and a world. She’s going to continue working. I love her for that.

Yep this Beard is a Fearsome Hillary fan. I look forward to the coming Presidential race. I wish Hillary all of the best. May strength, passion, health, vision, wisdom, insight, drive, humility, care, compassion, service and positive force energy be hers in the coming months.

….if you haven’t had enough of my babble, this video knocks it out of the park. Worth the watch even if you aren’t a Hillary nut, but would like to know a bit more of what’s inside that blonde mane.

Thank you Hillary for being a champion of good cause, a fighter and an inspiration.

3 thoughts on “Why this beard likes Hillary

  1. Having been in media – particularly news – for a good chunk of my working years I get to see and hear things often unflattering about politicians far and wide. It does jade my thinking about the political process in general, and the two party system in particular. Thankfully I believe each person running for office must stand on level footing, and that develops from their time in service (in government and anywhere else). I don’t share the same enthusiasm you have on Mrs. Clinton, which is OK, because for each of us there are reasons (valid or not) why we back who we do…or why we back away from the entire process. However I do applaud you for speaking. Once we stop free speech, the silence will indicate the depth of destruction we will never want to experience. This beard has fought for our constitutional rights through media some 38 years, and counting.

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