Fearsomely Proud “D”-Lister

I loved Kathy Griffin’s Life on the D-List. I consider myself a D-List kinda guy.

What do I mean by D-List? By D-List I mean that I’m not on the radar. I’m not an A-Lister. I’m not expected to wear the right clothes, drive the right car, be seen at the right parties, eat at the right restaurants, look the right way, vacation in the right spots and know the right people. I’m not expected to drop the right names, do the right drugs, live in the right place and only talk to the right people. I don’t need to, or appear to, have the right amount of money, the right job, the right trust fund or the right sugar daddy. These are all A-List necessities.

Why not the B-List? Well B-Listers are really just A-List wanna be people. The ones who spend all their energy wanting to be noticed by the A-List. Or they can be just pretty props for the A-List. Nope that’s not me either. I flirted with being a B-Lister back in my youth. Star struck you might say I was. I was insecure and unaware. I had yet to learn that most shiny objects are really just gold plated and not real. I had to go through a phase to learn. Learn what was real and who really had character.

The C-List? This group could be a worthy classification to be in, I am not one of them though. I consider the C-List good people. Those that worked to get what they have. Those who are secure in who they are. They don’t drop names or wear the right thing just to be noticed for wearing it. They are a necessity for the A-List to know and include on certain occasions because of who they are or what they have achieved. They are the dropped names or photo ops that are impressive to have, yet are not actually running in the A-List circle.

So then there is the rest of us. I’m one of those. We work hard and have a good life. We are secure and happy just the way we are. We may have a net worth anywhere from $1,000.00 to a billion. Who cares.  For me I don’t care to work so hard as to impress people I don’t know. I don’t wish to be the one who drops names or wears the latest fashion. I love vacationing but to experience the culture, not to be seen there or be able to talk about it. Truth be known, most times I’d rather be on my couch reading a good book surrounded by my six dogs and my better half.

Life on the D-List. In my book it’s really the best list.  Shhhhh! Don’t tell the A-Listers.


8 thoughts on “Fearsomely Proud “D”-Lister

  1. Odd that Fearsome and I deal with so many on those other lists by very visible professions, and how our needs are for that which no money or fame could afforf: love, health, joy. Working on that immediate plan to unite the bearded one who shortly joins me with canine to complete our family…swiftly!

  2. I, too, am a proud D-Lister. In fact, at one time, I proudly declared myself one of the non-famous “D-List Bears” among certain people. I have no status and seek none. I want loyal partners (done), loyal friends (done), a warm, dry home (done), dogs (done) and as much health as I can manage (done.) All the rest is superficial bull-hockey. I take great joy in thinking you and I are “on the same list.”

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