Pause, remember and be grateful

Sunset over the Pacific as seen from Ft. Rose tans National Cemetary in San Diego CA

Sunset over the Pacific as seen from Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetary in San Diego CA

San Diego is a military town. I remember when I moved here my surprise at how uniformed military were an integral part of driving, shopping, eating, working and interacting throughout every single day here. I quickly learned just how strong the presence is here. Major military bases are everywhere. I quickly came to respect a way of life I had not been exposed to previously.

Tomorrow we honor those who have served. Men and women that gave. Those who gave service to the ideals of better. Those who worked to make things safer, give support and freedom. Who tried to lift the oppressed and downtrodden. People who sacrificed their own comforts, freedom, and lives. They gave for others, they gave for us.

I don’t claim that all military operations are just. Yet there is an ideal that we move toward through military. An ideal that doesn’t have a clear path. It’s a path that sometimes goes right and sometimes utterly wrong. Would I prefer a world where the need for military wasn’t there? Hell yes I would. That is unfortunately not YET the reality of the world we live in. Maybe one day the need will leave us, until then I can hope. In the mean time I can thank a service man or woman for their service. Then I can pause, remember and be grateful for those who gave it all so that I may safely drive my car to my work that I may pay my bills and sleep in my own bed, in my own house, in my safe neighborhood.


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