A meditation

Good news, the Endodontist did not have pogonophobia. All went well and I’m scheduled to go Tuesday morning to have the newly root canal-ed tooth prepped for yet another new crown. I guess it’s just life on the other side of the first 100 years. I had better take it in stride.

You're gonna put what where?

You’re gonna put what where?

Yesterday was one of those days. A toothache and four homes in escrow, three having “issues”. Clients, agents, escrow officers and lenders all calling, e mailing and texting. Emergencies left and right. The dentist could see me at 11. I’m on the phone in the car on way there and sending an email from the iPad in the parking lot. After a few minutes in the chair I’m told you need a root canal and the endodontist can take you at 2. Run home, have lunch. Negotiate a few more “issues”. Back in car on phone (hands free) and e mailing from the waiting room.

They take me back to my unplanned and unexpected root canal and numb me up and say you have some time if you want to keep working go ahead. Then it struck me… do I really want to start the procedure stressed and tense? Hell F-in no. I should be relaxed for this, it will go much easier. My stress level was 12 and my meter only goes to eleven.

I put the iPad down and realized that there was really great 1970s easy rock playing in the background. I let myself go into memory mode. The music, I knew it so well. The soundtrack to many a summer moment of my childhood and teen years. The music cradled me, soothed me. My breathing slowed as my muscles relaxed into the chair. I closed my eyes and remembered the good.

Then this came on:

Linda Ronstat’s voice is amazing. I lost myself in every syllable. I floated with every note. I allowed this song I hadn’t heard in years to envelope me. It carried me to another place. A place of peace. I became fully present in the now. I could feel every part of me. The rhythms vibrated me. The stress was gone and I was fine.

Linda flowed into Steely Dan. My being floated, my body enjoyed. The next thing I knew the endodontist walked in and asked if I was ready. My reply was yes, I couldn’t be anymore ready. Twenty minutes test later I was done and paying the receptionist. The rest of my day went well. The stress from earlier stayed at bay, without narcotics or pain meds, just a simple meditation right where I was, had worked.

I sometimes forget the power of being fully present, the power of meditation. I forget to stop myself wherever I am and push the reset button. I’m glad I realized that yesterday and hope I can remember to do this more often.

5 thoughts on “A meditation

  1. Dang fat finger in that first comment!

    I was going to say, I’m glad the procedure went well once you relaxed and let go.

    Maybe you need a tattoo that says “meditate” in an easy to see for you location to serve as a reminder…😉

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