Renoir inspiration

I’ve always loved Renoir. I’ve seen a number of his painting throughout the years. Yesterday I went to the Phillips Collection here in DC to check out the current Man Ray exhibit. I had never been to the Philipps Collection and was unfamiliar with it.

Ducan Phillips was the grandson of a Pittsburg Steel magnate. He opened the gallery in 1921. It’s located on a corner in the DuPont Circle area of DC in what was his family home, a 1897 Georgian revival house. The museum has expanded over the years into several annexes both before and after his death in 1966. It has quite a nice collection of European and American impressionists as well as impressive modern art. It’s quite a nice setting for this Man Ray exhibit. The Man Ray is an amazing look at his work and how he accomplished it. Highly reccomended.

Then I turn a corner and find this:

Luncheon of the Boating Party Pierre-Auguste Renoir 1880-1881

Luncheon of the Boating Party
Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Which just happens to be one of my favorite Renoir paintings. I had never seen the original before, obviously, and was able to spend a good twenty minutes sitting in front of this beautiful work.

A satisfying day yesterday was as I ended the days excursions at Hillwood, the home of Marjorie Merriweather Post, well… one of her homes, which is now a museum of her collections. She was the heiress to what we know as Post cereals or General Foods. It’s an amazing oasis and all I can say is Fearsome was quite taken with the place and the Tulips. Put this on your list as well for your next Washington DC visit.

Fearsome Tip Toes through the Tulips.

Fearsome Tip Toes through the Tulips.

3 thoughts on “Renoir inspiration

  1. I had friends who used to live in DuPont Circle. I would always visit the Phillips Collection when I would stay at their house. The Renoir shown above is a remarkable painting. It was on loan to the DAM a few years ago. I would love to see the May Ray exhibit. He’s a master.

  2. That brings back memories of the early 80s…my fiancee lived just a few blocks away from DuPont Circle, and I’d go down for a long weekend, pick her up in front of the Pentagon (where she worked) and we’d take the night and walk down Mass. Avenue to hit the restaurants (especially a great Greek one), the museums and I even got to see the premiere of one of my all time faves in musicals (42nd Street). Fearsome tiptoes well through twolips, I seem to be much more focused on ‘one-lips’!

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