Inside the beltway

It takes a lot to run a country. A lot.

Washington DC is an amazing place. Fifty states, numerous territories, 300 plus million people all rely on a cohesive central government that then has to maintain some sort of relation with all the other countries and people who inhabit this planet. It’s a government that is in constant transition and evolution. House representatives can change every two years, the Senate every six, justices until they retire and presidents every four. Each member has numerous staff and each administration thousands. All of these people working for those elected are only here for the terms of their official. They don’t get hired out of college to stay until retirement. Think about that one. Change, it’s how our founding fathers designed it.

Yesterday I saw this quote in the Jefferson memorial, inspirational it is:


Jefferson's wisdom, may it stay with us far into our future.

Jefferson’s wisdom, may it stay with us far into our future.

Checks and balances can be frustrating and slow yet they help us evolve. Progress is not always a straight line to the best result but with debate and work we can get there. A couple of days ago I was reading about an election in a city near my own where a winner was finally declared. The winner won by two votes. Two. Every one of us has a vote, everyone of our votes counts.

The people of this city live with change, are taxed without representation, work hard long hours and serve a nation and a planet. I am thankful for the people of this city. I am thankful to those who transition through to make our government work as well as thankful to those who make this city their permanent home to support our ever evolving heart. The heart, the soul of our progressing, not perfect but progressing, civilization.

One thought on “Inside the beltway

  1. As one who understands the importance of history (have a degree in it) to help direct a future, and one who has seen immense disparities rise in the last few decades within our own nation and against our own citizens, I wonder what happened to all the wisdom of the founders like Jefferson, Washington, Adams…and am glad to see you capturing their words. Human nature needs the ‘historic injection’ frequently to be reminded of what works, what doesn’t, what creates sound societies and what destroys them. It has been a focus since the start of the year to understand by my own profession how to reveal the alarming rise in bias and hatred, isolationism and antagonism, annihilation and genocide – very difficult subjects for most to hear – while encouraging one and all to stay true to the obvious: family and friends; community and fearless yet responsible living. Too many fear with good cause and too many alarm with ulterior motives; I attempt the daily dialogue to enjoin as many as are willing to strengthen the fabric of what has made America thrive, reminding one and all that deception is the easiest weapon to destroy the strongest of foundations and apathy the greatest of our collective failures. Concurrently, love and its desire toward empowering and forging healthy alliances of trust is the easiest treatment to fix the most broken of realities.

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