So far this here blog thingy has not been very political. Fearsome, as well as myself, don’t want this here blog thingy to be a political soapbox. We prefer that we keep it a place for inspiration, contemplation, positive thought and growth. That’s our agenda, not political.

We have admitted a time or two that we are liberals. There is nothing wrong with being conservative, moderate or liberal. We believe as a community we all have the right to our political preferences and that differences debated in civil ways bring about balance. Balance leads to compromise. Compromise is what makes relationships work. Whether those relationships are between two people, a community or a country.

Yesterday Hillary made it official and announced her run for president. I’ll admit that I’ve been a Hillary fan since her husband become president in 1992. Those were my clean shaven days. Fearsome was still in the closet back then. I’m excited for her campaign and will be supporting her run. I have no plans to change this blog into a political campaign, that’s not what it is for. There might occaisionally leak in a thing or two as the blog is a place for my thoughts.

When I watched this video yesterday it made me feel good. I see a vision of inclusiveness. I see a vision of growth, support and community. I see a positive vision. I see what I percieve as an American Dream. I share the video because it made me feel good, my disclaimer is that I’m already a Hillary supporter.

7 thoughts on “Hillary

  1. I’ve evolved in political viewpoints since the early 70s, and have moved far away from the two mainline parties and most of their candidates, keeping as open a mind as possible and realizing no matter what the label says the individual is who we need to know and have confidence in. I have very little confidence in the political system anymore but do have a Libertarian mindset to guide my decision making, remembering that power is amassed whenever we cede our own.

  2. I support Hillary too. It’s about time this country had a female president. I think Hillary is very qualified for the job.

  3. somehow, my 7th grade civics teacher instilled in me that the vote was a private matter. i have never been a “put a sign in the yard and a bumpersticker on the stationwagon” kind of guy. plus, grandma jessie mae admonished that one never discusses politics or religion in a social setting as you are sure to offend someone. the jury is out as to if that includes the “social media”.

    i must admit a dread of the upcoming onslaught of crap that seems to get worse with each election cycle.

    just once in my life i would love to not feel as if i am voting for the lesser of two evils.

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