We have a total of 9 rental units, seven of which are here in Ft. Lauderdale. When we have a move out sometimes it’s an easy turn around and sometimes it’s a helluva lot of work. This is a helluva lot of work turn around.

I’ve always been a clean kind of guy. I keep my house clean, I keep Fearsome clean. Through owning property I have learned that some people are not clean. There is no way on God’s green earth that someone could come out of the shower I am dealing with at this moment cleaner than when they stepped into it. I am not talking just dirty here, this apartment is filthy.

I don’t come from a place where I can understand how people live this way, but they do, as this is not my first time at this rodeo. Thankfully I put myself through college with my own cleaning business that I ran while going to school. I had a house, apartment or a business that I cleaned each day around all my classes. I learned how to clean and what products are best for the result desired.

I have three more days here with more cleaning and a lot of painting left to do. If I miss a post or two, you will know what we are up to. Cleaning and trying to keep Fearsome out of the wet paint. Don’t worry as I will at least post the beard of the day, just probably lack these written posts unless I have an epiphany that just can’t wait.

This evening as I enjoy dinner and an early bedtime I will feel gratitude for my tendency toward cleanliness, my clean home and the blessing of owning an apartment building that I get to clean.

Travel day

I just boarded a United flight headed through Houston to Ft Lauderdale. I have work to do turning an apartment around in my little building there for a new tenant. This day I will contemplate movement. Movement of travel, changing relationships, the ever changing mid century apartment building and personal growth. I have a couple books and some movies on my iPad. Let’s see where the universe takes me today. I love life, travel and growth. It’s gonna be a great day!

May yours be a great one too.

Irish Celebration

Happy St. Patrick’s day from Fearsome!

He’s got a little Irish in him. He longs to see Ireland one day. He will.

Apparently Macklemore has a little Irish in him as well. Fearsome likes Macklemore, his music and his messages.

Fearsome hopes that you enjoy this celebration. He found this video today. Listening to it, Fearsome realized he has something in common with Macklemore that makes him respect him even more.

My best bid Clayton all dressed up to tend bar tonight at Urban Mo's St. Patrick's celebration (his real beard, not his real color...)

My best bud Clayton all dressed up to tend bar tonight at Urban Mo’s St. Patrick’s celebration (his real beard, not his real color…)

Do Facebook likes and comments matter?

Does the opinion of others, especially those who we are not close to us or we probably don’t even know, matter? Should one take personally a derogatory comment from an unknown person? What if that comment is humor, humor that hurts? Racist?

We all know from being in this cyber world that there are people who say inappropriate things shielded behind the Internet. People who feel it necessary to make them selves (or so they think) look clever or superior at the expense of others. I feel these cyber bullies are just that. Bullies. People with a low enough opinion of themselves that they must put others down to build themselves up.

No, I know what you are thinking, nothing has happened here of recent. Not since that couple of weeks when I had a racist at hand who’s comments didn’t make it to the blog. Whoever it was went away. I didn’t give them enough attention for them to stick around.

I read something today that got my attention about this. What I read was disturbing. Things that were meant as mean humor directed at beautiful people to hurt them. These bullies fancied themselves as superior. Well they aren’t.

What matters is what we think of ourselves. True success, true beauty is within us. Not from the number of likes we get. Not the compliments, awards, accolades or outward achievements. Sure those things are nice, but they are not success nor beauty.

Success and beauty is treating others who can do nothing for us with grace expecting nothing for ourselves.

Success is getting the kids ready for school, letting someone into traffic ahead of us who needs to get to work, complimenting a stressed bank teller for a job well done or a nice hairstyle, helping a overloaded co-worker finish their task when we are finished with ours so they can get home to their family on time…rather than wasting our time hitting the like button on Facebook until we can clock out. Beauty is smiling at someone who needs a smile, picking up the grocery item an elderly woman has dropped, going out of your way to find the owner of a wallet or keys you found, calling a friend that you may not know that well … but know is in a rough spot to say hello and see if they want to have coffee, reading a bedtime story to your child when you are so tired you can hardly see the page and making the characters come to life for them.

Success and beauty are simply living a good life. Success and beauty don’t need nor want likes on Facebook, nor do they care what some fool comments about a photo of them. Both are in each one of us. All we have to do is reach in, pull them out and give them to those around us. When doing that, we need nothing else.



It should be about 68 degrees F. It's only March 14 for god's sake!

It should be about 68 degrees F. It’s only March 14 for god’s sake!

I don’t even know where they are getting partly cloudy from, not one cloud to be seen. Don’t get me wrong here, I love our weather today. It’s freakin beautiful out there. But 86 degrees F on March 14 in the shade? In San Diego?

In years gone by here in this lovely city by the bay, we don’t typically see this temperature until then end of August. Last year this happened. We had an unusually warm spring and a hot summer. Today my AC is running full blast here in this vintage Califonia craftsman home. We even had to run it a few times in January. We used to never run it until the last couple weeks of August because we never needed it until then.

We are the lucky ones in my neighborhood. Most homes around us don’t even have central AC and they are million plus dollar homes. We just never needed it. I installed it as a luxury back in 1997 as I was having a new central heat system installed at that time and figured why not have it for those few days we need it each year. (The house is so vintage it was still heated by a single circa 1917 gravity floor furnace until 1997. Yes the old place is turning 100 soon.)

At this moment I choose to feel gratitude for our lovely weather, my central AC, our solar panels that are powering that AC and the bright sunshine shining on those panels. Fearsome is a cool and grateful beard!

Happy Saturday!

Fearsome is Legal

Serveral times in history beards have been taxed.

According to Wikipedia, the first documented tax was by King Hery VIII in 1535. King Henry actually wore a beard himself and set up a graduated tax as to the wearers social position. The beard tax in England was re-instated by his daughter Queen Elizabeth I. She took the throne after each of her two half siblings ruled between her father’s death and her taking of the throne.

Emperor Peter I of Russia instituted a beard tax to modernize the society of Russia following European models. His tax specifically targeted the Boyars (Russia’s elite nobility) who he perceived as an obstacle to Europeanization and reform. Those who paid the tax were issued a token, which they had to carry, with two inscriptions. One side was inscribed with “The beard tax has been taken” and the other with “The beard is a superfluous burden”.

Feasome received his Beard Token in the mail from yesterday. It was a gift from The Society of Bearded Gentleman for having been selected Beard of The Month for February 2015. He wishes to once again thank the Bearded Gents for such an honor.

Fearsome's Beard Token, just in case you were wondering if he was legal or not...he is now.

Fearsome’s Beard Token, just in case you were wondering if he was legal or not…he is now.

Side note: The card shown here states 1705, my information above is from Wikipedia. I have not researched any further to find out which is correct. If anyone wishes to verify the dates feel free and if you do please comment so I can share corrected information. Otherwise Scarlet, Rhette doesn’t give a damn.

Second side note… I made the HUGE mistake of clicking the new editor button when trying to insert a link into this post and cannot get my site to switch to the classic post/edit pages. Does anyone know how to get the old edit/ post pages back? Please help.

…and side note three: I’ve discovered the discussion forums at WordPress. The kind volunteer bloggers there have helped me find the Classic Editor. I can’t get it back as the default at this point but I can go through a “backdoor” and get into it for posting and editing. So this is a warning to my fellow bloggers who use the Classic Edit function for editing and posting: Do Not Click That Button that asks you to try the new way to post on WordPress. Once you click it the new editor becomes your default and you can’t get back to the Classic as your default editor. There used to be a button to switch back, the button is gone. You can find the discussion forum HERE if you would like to add your name to the list of persons who prefer the classic over the new and to keep the button to switch back.

Languages of the soul


Humanity communicates in many different forms. We have an intellectual form of communication we consider ‘normal’. Often that ‘normal’ way of communication cannot not be fully comprehended or expressed by all of us. Some of us are different.

Those of us who are different aren’t necessarily less intelligent. A society of care, of good character, understands the need for an appreciation of differences in order to include everyone.

This video struck me out of nowhere today. I stumbled upon it by accident and it moved my soul. It’s a classic from the 1970s. The banjo player is one of the different ones, who is one of us. Through music he can express his intelligence, joy and deep desire to communicate and be a part of.

Today I comtemplate languages and communication in various forms.

Solar powered beard

Fearsome is a green beard.

Fearsome is a green beard.

Edison was a wise man.

We installed a full solar power system on the roof of our home in November of 2013. With more than a year of usage we can report that we produce more electricity than our home uses. We currently have a credit with our power company that is being used to offset our small gas bill. We are fortunate to live in a sunny place and have a good southern exposure.

Many will argue that my small solar system doesn’t make a dent in the overall scheme. I don’t buy that argument. I’m not using, I’m contributing. I no longer flip on the gas furnace to break the chill on the house but use a couple electric space heaters. I charge my electric plug in hybrid car. When the house gets too warm I don’t worry about what it will do to the bill to flip on the AC. We still produce more than we use. There is no use in consuming more resources than one needs to…that practiced in every possible way by everyone…does make a dent in the scheme of things. The dent has to start somewhere.

Yep, I’m one of those. A green left leaning liberal beard.