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As some of you know, I am sober. Sober by my own choice because I got to a point where I could no longer have a drink without losing control. I don’t hide the fact that I’m sober. I don’t push sobriety on other people either. I’m always available if someone has an issue and reaches out desiring help.

Today I am contemplating the meaning of sobriety. It can mean abstinence from alcohol or substances, but it means more to me than that. I put it like this, one can be free of intoxicating  substances but also a freakin’ mess. I look at the definition above and the synonyms of sobriety that resonate with my understanding of it are: clearheadedness, dignity, levelheadedness, common sense and practicality. I find these terms to be desirable traits. Qualities that I label as good charachter.

Many people can drink or use other substances in responsible manners and maintain a good quality charachter. Other people, including myself, cannot. My choice to live substance free is my choice which leads me to a life of levelheadeness, dignity and practicality. This is what I deem as sobriety, a good enjoyable life. A path of life leading me toward a person of good character that I wish to be.

I have met a few along the way that are clean of substances, but aren’t really what I would call sober either. Face it some people can be a mess without chemicals, which brings me back to values and focus. We get what we focus on. We become what we focus on. If we are into drama, we get drama. If we see the bad in everything, we get more bad. If we search for beauty, we find beauty.

If we desire a contented, clearheaded, fulfilling life and are willing to work toward having it, we will find we are living a contented, clearheaded and fulfilling life. This is what I mean by sobriety, just a plain old good life. It does take focus and work, but I find it less work and much more enjoyable than the life I used to live.

Cheers to a good & fulfilling life! Yes I am raising a glass, so what if mine is sparking apple cider…

6 thoughts on “Clearheaded

  1. Shawn I celebrate with you – have had no issues with the addictive but have the occasional brew or wine, love cooking with each more. Enjoy so much of the non-alcoholic stuff, the tastes and tingles are utterly fantastic! We celebrated the home bought in 2000 with our realtor sending over a non-alcoholic bottle with pear overtones – truly wonderful.

  2. We get back from life, what we put into it,
    We get from the universe what we expect from it
    Keep pursuing balance and goodness, and it will be there for you.

  3. It had never crossed my mind that this particular topic would have been an ‘issue’ with you, F.B. It illustrates how wary one (i.e. ‘I’) must be when making assumptions about others.

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