A Fearsome good morning

It’s just before dawn and as I sit with my fresh cup of coffee I am appreciating a few of the things I really enjoy.

Right now I enjoy my freshly brewed Folgers coffee. The birds are singing and the cool crisp air drifts in through to open door to the patio. Two of my six pooches sit at my side in slumber. I have a Devils food cake in the oven which is filling the house with a wonderful aroma. Soon I will be enjoying my breakfast of a spinach/blueberry/banana/pineapple smoothie with a side of yogurt/blueberries/Cheerios. After that a nice hot shower filled with the peppermint aroma of my beard shampoo and conditioners. It’s going to be a great day.

The better half and I will make our weekly Costco run and then I meet a client who is purchasing his first home for his final walk through before closing. He is so excited. I’ll then have lunch with an old friend. Later I will make my way to World Gym for an overdue workout where I will enjoy the breeze off the ocean and Classic rock music surrounded by both body builders and others like me who just wish to maintain good fitness. I’ll squeeze in a twenty minute meditation and a relaxing evening with the better half enjoying a good dinner with a movie to round out the day.

I take this moment of quiet morning solitude to feel gratitude for the wonderful blessings I have in my life. What a gift life is, especially when we pause and appreciate. I find that when I apprecaite the simple things and see the blessings in them, more good things come my way. It works, every time.

Fearsome's shiny red FJ Cruiser for the Costco run.

Fearsome’s shiny red FJ Cruiser for the Costco run.



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