Job’s wisdom

A most inspirational man.

A most inspirational man.


3 thoughts on “Job’s wisdom

  1. Watching my sister in her second round of cancer – this one far more extensive – she has revisited the wisdom of Steve Jobs’ latter days, and shares with me some of these same thoughts. She has always had a strong Biblical perspective as have I, and that can be very comforting and challenging – and should be. One’s own peace of mind is best balanced in the realm of having chosen to believe the simplest of truths. One’s own naked entrance, covered in necessity, loved or hated in living, stripped by dying, brings us all to the reality that we truly hold onto nothing; and having been effected by everything, we are wise to cling to that which truly comforts soul and mind. Love – the purest of values – is our greatest gain worthy of taking to our final resting place. In the surrender of killer diseases, my sister is re-learning love, trust and release anew every day, and in that we prepare for each new day. At half the person, she’s still ‘all in’ for giving her energy to what truly matters. In that we are preparing a Farmer’s Market for her neighbors and others, many without the means to afford better food sources. She and I finally get that ‘project’ to which both our hearts and souls are more gratified by what could be done for others in need as the Market begins assembling for its maiden introduction later this spring.

  2. Oddly enough, I had a client tell me something similar today. He found out this last week that he has some sort of lymphoma (he doesn’t know yet which/what, as he’s waiting on the next level of test results to return), but he told me it brings things into perspective rather quickly on what’s important and what’s not.

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