Movin’ On

Growing my soul, as Fearsome grows, I am learning that in order to move on that I must bless what I am leaving behind in order to make peace. To truly move on I must bring myself to a place of peace. A place that truly wishes the best for the person or situation that is now a part of my past and not a part of my present. I must forgive. To truly forgive and find peace, I must give my blessing, understanding and hope for that person, place, thing or situation.

I can start by appreciating what was. Looking to see what I enjoyed, what enriched my experience and what I can learn. Through appreciation I find gratitude. When I find what I am grateful for, I can give my blessing and well wishes. In giving my blessing I can be a peace and move on into the present, not holding onto something that has served me well in its time. Life is in constant motion and cycles. Cycles are meant to keep moving on, not meant to be stagnant and stuck.

While driving the rental car in Ft. Lauderdale I heard a tune from my past. I heard it at least 3 times on the classic station that the car radio was tuned. The song is one of my favorite from one of my favorite all time albums, Breakfast in America by Supertramp. I hadn’t heard it in a long time. At first listen the song is obviously about a one night stand. If really contemplated it isn’t. The message could be applied to most any experience that has served it’s useful purpose.

Yes… somehow my mind can take a shallow message and twist it into a meaningful one.


7 thoughts on “Movin’ On

  1. OK, great sentiment and good practice – and you are as cryptic as I am! I guess it’s the old newsman in my veins to ‘get to the heart of the matter’, but that would only happen on a news set with a willing story teller – so no worries. You’ve made me understand how some of my own cryptic moments drive people nuts. Often leaving out more painful details to ‘shield’ – a character trait I might have invented, lol – it is always hoped that disclosure can lead others to look inward and assess themselves instead of pry off the outward and rate the proponent of the discourse. Disjuncture that is cyclical indeed can only be broken by someone being brave enough to stop the dizzying motion and change course. It doesn’t always lead to successful separation but if given enough distance one’s location change often creates less friction. It is one reason why Australia and I have a forever romantic dalliance – at some point my own breakaway just might return me to that beautiful little cottage in an organic paradise, far from the crazy of the so-called progressive realm. That place for 8 glorious days was peace and beauty beyond imagination.

  2. My friends have informed me that my ex is getting married to his new partner. My friends are puzzled when I say only wish him the best. I guess they expect me to be upset and angry but I’m not. I’ve moved on. Thanks for this post.

    • Talk like this definitely helps others. As people exited from friends I care for, these conversations help to give them a bit of comfort about the difficult decisions one must make – or bear up under if the other party walks away – to learn from the experience and forge ahead with life, and love.

      • My thoughts actually do come from a situation where the other walked away very unexpectedly without a clear explanation. There was confusion and pain on my part at first. I had to come to a place where I realized I could and would move on.

  3. “I am learning that in order to move on that I must bless what I am leaving behind in order to make peace. To truly move on I must bring myself to a place of peace.” Something I really, really, really need to learn to do.

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