Long time friends

My dear friend Clayton text me an old photo of us yesterday.

Clayton and myself   Puerto Vallarta 2001

Clayton and myself
Puerto Vallarta 2001

Both of us are sporting the left over late 1990s facial hair experiments that have both evolved into the large beards we have today. Fearsome is amused looking back at his humble beginnings. Clayton was last featured here on this blog thingy on St. Patrick’s day with his Leprechaun drag. His beard in that photo is decorated for the holiday festivities.

What stands out to me most in the photo is not the youth and lack of substantial facial hair, it’s the joy on our faces. The joy of our friendship. Our friendship was immediate. The comfort, trust, honesty, playfulness and humor that we shared, all of which continue today. We met in 1997. We had an attraction to each other that could have landed us in trouble, but we managed to channel it into a friendship that we cherish. We have become like brothers of different mothers. We are honestly family.

In life we make many friends, some last and some are passing. This post is dedicated to those who last. Life long care, love, respect and joy. Friendships that have periods where you see or talk daily and then cycle into life and many weeks may go by before you speak. When you come back together it’s the same. You share understanding that life cycles but you both are always there. Friendships where just the sight or sound of each other brings comfort, warmth and a smile.

7 thoughts on “Long time friends

  1. This post brings utter joy…sadly in my past and the relationships gone by from the passing of life, few pictures exist. My sister is the shutterbug. This Android has me doing more photo opps than my previous 50 years. As a new relationship is coming together with lots of deliberate steps to nurture its lifelong possibility, photos will be plentiful.

  2. Lovely post. I have a dear friend, too. We were friends for 35 years. Then we had a misunderstanding and we didn’t speak for 11. Eleven long years. Then one day, she called me, and we decided whatever it was that was misunderstood we didn’t care. It’s been ten years since all that and I’m so happy we worked it out. It’s so nice to have a life-long friend.

  3. I have one of those enduring ‘brother’ friendships with a fellow I met at work about 33 years ago. When we bumped into one another at work and he told me his name, it turned out I knew two of his uncles and went to school with some of his cousins, even though Steve grew up in Oregon. We’ve camped, Jeeped, fished, and worked on projects together over the years, just like siblings would do. First time he and his wife met my mother, both of them adopted her and she became “Mom” from then on. She adopted them as well. When she passed from this life in 2006, Steve and his wife were right there for support and consolation. And our friendship continues now that we are both retired. So I could really appreciate your post…of a friendship that endures the tests of time. Those are the best kind! Great photo of both of you gents!

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