Starting Fresh

Ain’t new days just wonderful? Getting up just before sunrise, grabbing a fresh hot cup of coffee and watching the sky turn from black to a soft blue then to orange, yellow then bright blue?

Sunrise sky Ft. Lauderdale Beach from a chair poolside at my little resort.

Sunrise sky Ft. Lauderdale Beach from a chair poolside at my little resort.

The quiet, the birds, the crisp clean air along with the quickly changing light ushering in a new beginning. It’s a wonderful fulfillment of senses and when enjoyed becomes a meditation of new possibilities.

I have made a lot of progress on my “project”. Last night I treated myself to a long solitary walk on the beach and a nice little dinner folowed by another long walk beside the dark ocean. I have more to do, but the progress I have made inspires me. The metamorphosis of the little apartment back into the charming place it had been before reminds me of how when one finds themselves in a precarious state of cluttered depression and anxiety, that with determination and plain hard work how one can restore themselves to that which they once were and better.

It’s a new day. What will you do with it?


6 thoughts on “Starting Fresh

  1. Given that I’ve lived with HIV for thirty years, I’m grateful for every new day that arrives. I’m going to spend most of my day working in the garden.

  2. house chores, baseball game, knitting, grocery shopping on the agenda for today.

    AND I HAVE THE HEAT OFF! gotta give the gas furnace a rest with better weather coming. still too cold to open the windows and let the stink out (as my grandmother used to say).

  3. When I got divorced in ’96, the move was to this funky little condo barn which was 1.5 miles to the town beach, right on the Atlantic. Walked that beach frequently, in sun, rain, even snow. Pristine white sand, one of the finest beaches on the east coast. Some walks were with my friend, muse and co-worker but many were just me, the sea, the gulls and bare feet kissing sand. You know when it felt best? In the early winter, with the wetter sand about 50 degrees; it was reviving.

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