Ok…This is just not my thing!

Fearsome in the snow.

Fearsome in the snow.

Last night I flew into Virginia to visit the parental units. The storm over the Carolinas was supposed to stay down there. Not. As we landed there was a light snow and it stopped at 8 this morning. There’s about 4-5 inches of new snow out there. It’s pretty to look at and that’s about it.

I haven’t been in a fresh snow since I left Seatlle 24 years ago. Since I’m with the parental units and they are 32 years older than me, it’s time to get to shoveling. Wish me luck! More later…

6 thoughts on “Ok…This is just not my thing!

  1. I moved from NJ to FL in 2009 and I am visiting a friend in PA now. I hate the cold and cannot wait to fly home on Saturday. My daughter promises it will be around 80 when I land in Orlando.

    Peace ~ Bear

  2. I am going through VA Saturday traveling I-81! Moving my cousin to Albuquerque. Will call or email you later…it is my escape temporarily from SnowHell!!

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