The right move on the wrong day?


I do yoga, Fearsome puts up with it. He often is amused at me. He was today. I swear I heard him laugh ( yes beards can laugh at their humans ) when the yoga instructor asked me to use the blocks because I had gone too far into the pose. “Shawn, use your blocks for that forward pose, you are going to hurt your back” I heard from across the room. Then I could hear his masculine little chuckle as I turned red, grabbed my blocks and got myself into a better form, more fitting for a fifty something man.

Now I’m getting ready for bed and have 3 Advil on board, a pillow for my legs and just added a Fexeril to the mix ’cause I went too far and the right lower back is smarting. I’m getting no beard sympathy, he just laughs his little chuckle as if I don’t heard him.

I must remember when I’m in yoga I’m not there to prove anything, especially to myself. I ain’t no ballerina or gymnast and never was. I need to stretch, but only so far. Dammit.

Patience is a virtue with other people and also with ourselves. Life’s lessons, learn them take note and remember them. Especially when it comes to yoga class!


9 thoughts on “The right move on the wrong day?

  1. This other 50-something on the latter side of the decade would NEVER do Yoga…actually it was in my early 30s when I had two rare hip maladies happen over 3 years that I found out life has been lived with a maximum of 50% range of motion. Go figure. They said back then I could have disability benefits and I flatly refused; didn’t need a wheelchair or ramps or anything, just aquatic therapy and exercise. That, a fantastic massage therapist (to the stars I might add, he’s that good) and an awesome chiropractor have done more than Yoga could ever allow in myself. But then each case is different and results may vary. (There I go again, sounding like a disclaimer. Force of habit; my job.) And yes, the beard and I make water therapy fun – even for the therapists! Let’s go Aqua-dancing! Woo Hoo!!

  2. I always see using the blocks as some kind of failure on my part – and it isn’t, but I can’t break myself of that cycle. I still love yoga, but I’ve stopped pushing myself lately to get into poses that have alluded me, but I need to do this again. When I get defeated in my quest, I take 2 or 3 steps backwards – and that ain’t good.

  3. I’m convinced yoga is an activity that can take me into old age better than any other activity. It sounds like you have a great yogi; hang on to him!

  4. My ex fell and broke his wrist while trying to do crow pose in a yoga class. I never push it when it comes to that position.

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