The Matrix

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer for Mike Dooley’s Playing The Matrix. Mike is a bestselling author and motivational speaker. I’ve been receiving his Notes From The Universe ( ) for about 9 years. I discovered Mike on a DVD by Rhonda Byrne released in 2006 called The Secret.

As a volunteer I had the resposibilities of greeting, selling books/CDs and registering participants. It was a long but rewarding day. I made a couple friends, met some super people and got to attend the seminar. This was the 3rd time I’ve attended one of his seminars and the first as a volunteer.

Mike has a great message. He is known for his words ” Thoughts become things”. If you think about it, all we enjoy was at first a thought or idea. The great inventors thought it first and then followed it through into reality. This iPad I’m typing on didn’t exist when I was a child, it would have been nothing but crazy far out science fiction back in the sixties and seventies. Now it’s every day reality I enjoy and depend on.

His focus is on manifestation in our lives. It’s simple, we get what we focus on. Playing The Matrix is a matrix or flow chart to help us realize what’s important to focus on and helps us lay out a path to get there.

Take happiness for example. Happiness is a very general term, but in the end it’s what we really desire. Almost all of us do it backwards. We focus on an object, a specific job or a person. These are things we have no control over. When we attach to these and say we will be happy when we get this one thing, we are doing it wrong. When we don’t get it the way we want, when we want, happiness eludes us. When we look at the end result, happiness, and work it backwards we can see a path to get there. Attach to the happiness, not the object, and follow a path of action, then the object or something even better will manifest in our lives. The key is action, The Matrix is a way of planning the action to get us there.

The objects can be a motivator, but should not become attachments as they will then get in the way of the real desire. Focus on the emotion and feelings of the bigger more general end result, make a plan, take action and you will go beyond what you ever thought you could. You can attract great things. Look back at your life and all the good you’ve attracted so far. I bet if you really look you will find more than you realize. Don’t worry or focus on any bad things. Feel gratitude for the good and more will follow.

Fearsome front and center of the crew, Mike Dooley is in the yellow to the right of me in the photo.  2/21/15 Playing The Matrix San Diego

Fearsome front and center of the crew, Mike Dooley is in the yellow to the right of me in the photo. 2/21/15 Playing The Matrix San Diego


One thought on “The Matrix

  1. I do know some of this material. Interesting this is coming up because of a side career which is being considered as a Funeral Attendant. As my new projects are slowly building the desire to get more income moving other things is dictating thought at the moment, and with the help of this exercise revisited, I’ll see what thoughts are still remaining in the current plan 48 hours from now.

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