The Cajun 1946-2015

Sadly I find out that one of the bloggers that took me under his wing a day or two after Fearsome Beard came online has passed. His blog is over in the Fearsome Buds and is On Transmigration. I take the liberty of copying a few photos from his blog to post here. Without his early encouragement, compliments and kind advice I am not sure Fearsome Beard would be here or at least what it is today.

Thank you dear Cajun. I post you as Beard of the day and promise to spread the love you shared with me that your love may live on through generations to come. Peace be with you dear Cajun. Fat Tuesday was appropriate for your departure. I hope to see you on the other side…but hopefully not for a while yet! Until then I send you a Fearsomely furry hug and kiss.






(This photo Courtesy of Ron)

(This photo Courtesy of Ron)

A smile that lights a room!

A smile that lights a room!

Cajun's Gravatar, that Fearsome smile is still there.....keep smiling Cajun!

Cajun’s Gravatar, that Fearsome smile is still there…..keep smiling Cajun!

Beard of the day

9 thoughts on “Beard of the day

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. It is always so difficult to find that one of our special people has passed. Thoughts of condolence to you and all his friends. You paid him a beautiful tribute.

  2. If it were not for special people in this world that touch us with their love, kindness, care and generous spirit, this life indeed would be a.cold, callous hell. Good to know of this deeply regarded man in your world, and my heart joins with others to reflect on both memory and sympathy. Here for you Shawn, anytime, every time.

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