All about the Beard

So today I was going to post a very deep spiritual post that brought peace to all of mankind. Then I got distracted and life happened.

One of the distractions was a box out on the porch the post person left. It was my gift from Bluebeards Original ( ). Beard products for Fearsome! He is estatic. It’s his gift for our honor of being the Bearded Gentleman Of The Month over at The Society Of Bearded Gentlemen ( ). It’s a  bottle of Bluebeards Original Beard Wash, Wonder Beard Intensive Repair Conditioner and Beard Saver Daily Control. We will be trying these out tomorrow.

Happy Fearsome! He won us the honor of BGOTM!

Happy Fearsome! He won us the honor of BGOTM!

Then while over on thanking them for the gifts he (Fearsome), stumbled upon this video and is making me post it instead of our peace giving, life fulfilling inspirational post. Hopefully he will snap out of his fifteen minutes soon so we can get that important life changing message to you.

In the mean time…Enjoy!

(Thankyou to my bud Satori over at BeardedGents for turning me onto this vid)

5 thoughts on “All about the Beard

  1. Oh, forgot: Marty Ray and I are in negotiation for an interview over at the WWWhiskers and TheBeardChannel. Still coordinating, problem all ‘me’ as I’ve been a human snowthrower for weeks…and getting tired of it.

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