Winter Weather or Beach Bear Weekend?

What do you prefer? Isn’t it time you booked a weekend away? The weather in Ft. Lauderdale may be calling your name today, but it will be at its most perfect during Beach Bear Weekend 2015. Right now you have plenty of time to book in advance and grab a great airfare …right now…do it, treat yourself and do it…May 6-11 2015.

My good bud Bobby puts this on every year and it’s grown to be quite popular. Come on join us and make a few new friends!



6 thoughts on “Winter Weather or Beach Bear Weekend?

  1. The temptation is there, and it would be a totally new experience for me…but starting a new job tomorrow, I will not have much free time to travel for at least a year if all goes well. Can you believe at almost 58 years old, I have never seen the ocean? Someday!!!

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