Being Boring

Back in 1990 I was a lad in my mid twenties. I used to frequent Key West back in those days, a lot. There was a favorite guesthouse and my favorite disco, The Copa. I so remember when this tune came out and made its debut at The Copa. I met my husband that year in Key West.

I loved The Pets Shop Boys then and I still do. This tune remains frozen in my memory. 1990 was a time when the majority of my friends were dead, dying or becoming ill. It was a time when we did not know who was next. We tried to be careful but a lot of us were still seroconverting and HIV was still a death sentence.

We were anything but boring. Thank God! We shared so much laughter, love, understanding and care. I still smile when I look back at what would seem to be such a dark time. It was anything but dark and it wasn’t boring. I do miss those I lost but I know that they weren’t bored with the lives they lived. Youth gives us so much as long as we enjoy it and live our youth.

Today I fill with joy for all those memories and the moments that made me the man I am today. I learned a lot. I somehow escaped HIV. I was one of the blessed ones. I learned about strength, hope, understanding, support, fear, discrimination, illness, life and death. I thank the power greater than myself that put me here for those I lost. A lot of what they taught me about being alive and living life still lives on through me. I try to share it with those I touch.

May this video offer a look into the joy of life. The blessing of living, sharing, loving, laughing, expressing, learning and never ever being bored. Be sure to catch the written words, especially at the beginning. Beautiful comes to mind when I watch this one!

Even though I’m now twice the age I was when I danced to this on the dance floor of the long gone Copa (it burned to the ground around 1995) I’m not bored because I’m never ever boring. Lifes a banquet, enjoy!



7 thoughts on “Being Boring

  1. Even though I’ve been HIV+ for thirty years, I’m still one of the lucky ones because I’m still alive. I’ve been through some really dark times, but overall, I have had a pretty fantastic life. Thanks for posting this video. I remember dancing to this song too.

  2. I remember the Key West Copa too,
    Sometimes patients come in for an obligation check up only to summarize they have nothing bad/ill to report “Oh, I ‘m boring!” the joke. I tell’em I like boring; boring is good. 🙂

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