Acceptance and life…

Fearsome and I have had quite the busy week and weekend with our head just full of thoughts and contemplations. We have been quiet. Sometimes being quiet and trudging along through life is good, sometimes just simply necessary.

This thought which I noted a while back puts it all into perspective and helps us get through when stress rears its ugly head:

“The job of the rider is just to show up and let something higher take place.”

I have no idea where or who that quote came from. I recorded it in my phone one day when it resonated with me. It’s resonating right now. It reminds me that I am not always in control and that is ok. I just need to show up, do what I need to do and let be what is. I cannot do any better than my best. I can’t control outcomes. I have to trust.

So today I trudge ahead. I work. I do my best. I trust.

This helps me to stay in the present moment.

There is no need to worry, doubt or project. I can only control my actions and reactions. As long as I do my part the best way I know how, all will be fine.

I accept.

4 thoughts on “Acceptance and life…

  1. The book of Scripture called Ecclesiastes is one of my go-to sources when trying to understand or get a handle on things, and the beauty of these words is referenced in the thing humans seem to relate to best: TIME. We tend to be so subjected to this first and foremost, and if we let it be our master, we find infinite opportunities slip away, open doors suddenly closed. Until this century I was as regimented as most could believe, but within all the order there was growing a constant changing of circumstances that forced me to stop measuring everything in timetables and try to comprehend how these interruptions meant growth. The first thing to grow was patience; it’s not mastered, but frequently practiced. Eventually this led to analyzing stress; I’m one who believes most stress is very bad. Good stress is actually relegated to positive stimuli and goal activities only (problem solving, flexibility and development training, stuff like that). Having the hardening of deeply profound losses, somehow I’ve gotten better at humor and wisdom – not by wanting to be a Sage or Scholar, but with experience comes definition of cause and result. All of this loops back to words like ‘There is a time to be born and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to reap’, the essence of life is in cycle. And yeah, I get pensive in those moments – very necessary to do for the heart and brain to align properly and give one the energy to process and motivate. All this helps understand, and develops trust, as the new replaces old, the left turn has a moment before turning right.

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