11 thoughts on “Beard of the day

  1. Are you not considering getting your photo on your ‘Realtor’ page up-dated? In a way I hope you don’t as I’m sure that as it is it gets many hearts a-flutter. Not that I think you don’t do that now it’s just that…..I mean…….oh hell…..

  2. Perhaps there is another way. What if you kept it growing, but tamed the style? I sport a big, bushy beard that I style with gel. (Labor Day Weekend. Yeah. That one.) I can have length AND a professional appearance … and the beard looks damn striking with all the curls and ringlets.

    Think of it this way: if you met someone with some length of hair who kept it free and bushy, might you think such a ‘do was unkempt?

    Fearsome is bigger now. He needs more care. With great Fearsome comes great responsibility.

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