2 thoughts on “Beard of the day

  1. SONGTIME! Sung to the Beach Boys ‘Surfer Girl’…

    SURFER BEARD by UncleDJ ((8-(())))))))))))))
    Whiskered surfer, surfer Beard
    Makes the Beach Boys stand and cheer…
    Just like old times – whiskered surfer beard
    [surfer beard, I see the surfer beard…]

    Other surfers on the shore
    Watch those whiskers own that roar…
    Man they’re awesome, whiskered surfer beard
    [surfer beard, surfer beard, oooooooooooh]

    Beards that ride the surf together,
    More on beaches show…
    Whiskered brothers multiplying
    Everywhere they go…

    So I say from beard to you,
    Wet or dry our whiskers do,
    Run together…Whiskered surfer…Beard!

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