What do I know for sure?

One thing I know for sure is that the answers to that question will change as my life changes. Or at least I hope my answers change, at least a little.

Another thing I know for sure right now is that I hope I continue to learn and grow, to be open and curious. I believe as long as we are learning we are living. Through knowledge and understanding my perspectives will change.

So what do I know for sure right now where I am in my life experience?

I know that love is the most powerful force. I know that fear is not good for me, or for anyone. I know it’s best to not live in fear. I know that understanding relieves fear. I know that openness leads to understanding. I know respect for others comes from respect for oneself. I know that to get love, we must first give love. I know that the more we give, the more we receive. I know that in any situation there is good. I know that if we look for good and remain open to it, we will find it. I know that light cures darkness and love cures hate. I know that I am thankful for this life. I know I love laughter. I know that I’m making a big pot of chili on my stove at this very moment. I know that if I’m grateful for what I have and appreciate it, I will feel content. I know that contentment is really happiness. I know that if I take my gifts for granted that I will feel ungrateful and maybe even bitter. I know I have talents I have not yet discovered. I know that my six dogs are resting peacefully at my side. I know that I choose how I react. I know that in my choices I build my own experience.

I know for sure that whether I think “I can” or “I cannot” I am correct.

What do you know for sure?

10 thoughts on “What do I know for sure?

  1. I know love is a choice. I choose love. Knowing this, the choices made are derived from maximizing love. It helps govern my speech, my business, my personal and public life. If love is not a choice, I am not a part of it to the best that I’m able. If I’m not feeling love it is momentary; if I’m not loving it is a tiny phase being worked through. Love is the essence of life; the antithesis is cessation – maybe not right away, but always. Amor conquista todo – Love Conquers All. (A great song by the artist David Meece).

  2. This shows you are a very wise man and a deep thinker. I like people who think in depth and never take things for granted. I never cease to be amazed when I encounter others who have the same thoughts and feelings that I do. It has been happening with startling regularity lately, which goes to prove I am not as much of a square-peg as I thought.

    • That’s the beauty of being deep…you realize ‘square peg’ gets constantly buffeted and rolled by life and has more rounded edges than thought possible. Amazingly, round fits better, rolls easier, and courses through without much of the stumble rigid things feel. Awkward disappears when we go deeper, and before you know it…a warm fuzzy smoothness becomes you.

  3. I know I have a pretty amazing life and have been blessed with prosperity in many forms. I know that sometimes I’m sad and feel alone but I always seem to snap out of it. I know that life is what you make it.

  4. I know that my attitude colors everything I do, and everyone around me. If I’m calm and quiet, I can breath and feel at peace. If I am upset, or short tempered, my life will reflect that and I will not feel at peace.
    Thank you for your wonderful blog.

  5. Something I know for sure, and try to tell myself often: “No point stressing out. One day you’ll be dead and none of this shit will matter…”, something I have hanging on my wall in my studio.

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