Those goal thingys

I mentioned recently that in the hubbub of the holidays and buying Fearsome his Top Hat, that I completely forgot to write out my personal goals for 2015. I did my business goals for my company and my business coach….but the personal ones slipped through. Personal goals support my business goals because they give me a WHY.

Why do I do what I do? I sell homes. I enjoy helping people find their place, their home, their nest. I also enjoy helping people invest and make the most of their investment. But why? I do get satisfaction, enjoyment, purpose and self worth from what I do, but I need more. I need the emotional, personal reason for getting out there and taking the extra step. Work can be very rewarding and enjoyable, but so much more so when I have the personal goals that are supported by my income, my business.

Personal goals give me a why. When I have a why going the extra mile and giving 110% is easy. I finished my 2015 personal goals today and I feel good. I have the extra spark to rise to the challenge tomorrow and make this one remarkable year. The one personal goal I will share here is that I will learn ASL this year.

American Sign Launguage has always interested me. I have a few deaf friends that I can communicate with because they do read lips, but having this ability will make it so much easier for us to communicate. I needn’t put it all on them to read my lips when I can learn ASL, they cannot learn to hear. I will open myself to new friends that can’t read my lips. I will deepen relationships and can help when others need to communicate with hearing impaired. I can grow my soul, charachter and mind by developing this skill and sharing it with others.

Fearsome likes the goals I have set, he plans to help keep me accountable.

4 thoughts on “Those goal thingys

  1. Brilliantly said, Shawn. This past week I got to host a local talk show and asked the question, ‘It’s 2015…so, how’s it treating you according to your goals?’ I got some interesting stories, but the ‘wow’ was of this blind woman who finally got the chance to learn pottery – something she’s doing in advanced age. She’s got an excellent teacher in Willimantic CT who uses her studio to help push the dreams of the handicapped into realities with real connection and a clear understanding of the boundaries less able people face. I want to meet both of them personally.

  2. Oh, my personal goals? Eradicate hunger (that’s ongoing for years now) but this time with flair: starting a new business in Lasagna production (31-derful flavors!) with simple but organically derived ingredients while working with a Kitchen incubator that’s doing amazing things to help source better food to all, especially the elderly and poor. Also plan to open up a farmer’s market in an area that is underserved with a large senior population. Seems as though being back in Rhode Island is the hip place to be doing that; one of those I’ve connected with worked alongside Ceasar Chavez (he knows his stuff). I’ve already been a key player to opening a food pantry five years ago that in its first months was serving over 300 families…so let’s see where this goes.

  3. I need to adjust and get back on track with mine. My routine was broken I’ve let it affect everything else. Today is a good day to start again.

    Your posts inspire me, FB. Thank you.

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