The future’s so bright

Do we create our own life? Destiny?

A subject that can take many different paths, with many different opinions and could be quite lengthy.

My simple easy take on it is this: Yes we do create our own lives.

I believe we create our lives by how we percieve what is around us and what happens to us. We react to what we percieve. It is in how we react and what we choose to do with it that allows us to create.

If we focus on the bad or the negative then that is what we see, we close ourselves to any opportunity that may come with the situation in front of us. If we focus on the good in any situation we open ourselves to what could be and what could be better thus we are open to opportunity.

To me life is a choice. Do I wish to choose to see opportunities or do I wish to only see dead ends?

I choose to choose good, openness and opportunity. I choose to create my life, write my own story, paint my own destiny and grow as Fearsome grows.

The possibilities are endless.

10 thoughts on “The future’s so bright

  1. negativity really bugs the crap outta me. I have had to drop some friendships due to the constant “woe is me, everyone hates me, my life sucks, my life is so hard” refrain. bullshit!

    let this inspire you today! 🙂

  2. I believe we create our destiny. To borrow a Talk Talk song title, life’s what you make it. Thank for you comment on the scammer.

  3. OK, first thoughts…loved the words, but the still photo of the donkey’s tail and posterior had me in stitches! Thought of 5 positively funny things running through this fertile mind at once. Realizing that the link to reply got me to Timbuk 3 and an actual song now ties the relevance. (PS if you want the ‘funnies’ just tap me on the shoulder.)

    • You’ve got me rolling on the floor with laughter. I was so into the song and posting the video I didn’t notice what the still photo looks like till now. And it’s even better!

      • It was the first post/photo seen with the ‘revived’ laptop…I was in the middle of a 3-way convo with my buds Bill and Alan, and responding to all the great Fearsome stuff that ran away from me on downtime…breathing became a bit hard in the middle of all the eye-wetting, semi-snorting, lose all control ha-has from that moment. You are the most under-the-radar comic yet!

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