Congratulations  to Blobby. He’s celebrating his 30th anniversary today. If you get a chance hop over to his blog and wish him & 710 a happy one.

His post inspired me to look deeper into my relationship and relationships as a whole. I thank him for that. His insight into the work required as well as the learning involved is inspiring.

Work. Relationships whether romantic, marriage, family or friendships are work. The work is sometimes easy, hard, emotional or confusing but always fulfilling if worked on and worked through.

Some relationships are for a season, relationships that pass through quickly. These too can be rewarding if we take the time to learn and grow from them.

For the most part when we think of relationships we think of longer term for years and lifetimes. These can be the most fulfilling but only if we are willing to work, learn, grow, share and compromise. Laughter, tears, joy, anger, security, insight, love, conflict and contentment are some of the benefits of a relationship well lived. These feelings help us to grow ourselves and bond together.

My better half and I will be celebrating 25 years together in just a few months. Reading Blobby’s post was like reminiscing about our relationship and reassuring that we are not the only couple to have delt with good and bad throughout our time together. I can vouch for what he says, it’s work, but work worth the effort.

After all of these years together I still have to remind myself no one is perfect. No situation is perfect. I am not perfect. I think it’s important to remember this in all relationships we have in our lives or will develope in the future. Remember to have compassion, to share, to give and to take. Remember to be open, respect, learn, support and grow. Most of all I have found it most important to forgive. Forgive my partner, friend and family member as well as to forgive myself. When I encounter conflict I must pause and remember that there are two of us and we both have a part in it, not just the other…never blame, but accept and learn.

I hope that I will have many posts in the future years of this blog thingy about relationships as I learn and grow more. So far I have found that the most rewarding things in my life are those that I have shared with those I love. I hope that I have many more of these rewards as I wish for you the same.

3 thoughts on “Relationships

  1. 25 years – YAYZ! hella longer than most “celebrities”.

    my 23rd is in october. my ex and I only made it thru 9 years. my longest-held job is 12 years (my current one). secrets? communication, respect, liking who/what you do.

  2. 25 years is nothing to sneeze at my friend. Thanks for the shout-out. Last nights weather was so shitty, we went out for our dinner, but not the one we planned. I believe that will be rescheduled. Or not. : )

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