And what of the present?

Do we seize the moment? Or does the moment seize us?

And what of the present? Isn’t it always now?

These thoughts are the message I took from the movie Boyhood. I Loved the movie and highly recommend it, but it will not be a movie for everyone. I am not a movie critic so I will leave my critique at that.

The message … wow. I strive to live in the present. I can’t change the past so I review it and try to learn from it. I do not want to live in the past. Then there’s the future, I do want to be prepared and plan for it as well as set a few goals to work toward and dream a bit. I do not want to live in a future fantasy, we know not what the future will actually bring.

If I live in the now, experience each moment which comes, I can live more fully. I can’t change the past nor predict the future but I can influence right now. I can make the now better by how I percieve it, react to it and what I can bring to it …at this moment.

It is always now. Always. Right now.

I believe if I let the moment seize me, I can also seize the moment …but only if I am aware.

Tomorrow is 2015. It’s just another day, another sunrise. Today is 2014 and it’s just a day like any day. What makes each day different for me is what I choose to make of it. At this moment I share my contemplation.

May your now be a great moment and your tomorrow a wonderful new year!

With love,

Fearsome Beard

3 thoughts on “And what of the present?

  1. It’s really all we have. It comes down to what we do with it. Regret? Anxiety? Happiness? So much of it is a choice.

    I find that I’m spending more and more time being frustrated. Unless I can use that to work through some things this amounts to wasted time. It’s simply amazing that I can make the best choice, right now.

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