Maya Raps

Found this over on Joe.My.God today and must post it here for my reference.

Maya Angelou is one on my inspirations. In my lifetime may I inspire at least one person as much as she has inspired me, and my life will have been well lived.


2 thoughts on “Maya Raps

  1. I missed this post on my morning blog-trawl so glad I caught it second time around..
    I’d never even heard of this great lady until someone about 20 years ago gave me ‘Caged Bird’ to read – and then I was hooked enough to read the following three volumes of her autobiography straight off (Still some way to go, I see). Though the ensuing books didn’t quite top the first in my view they did reveal what an extraordinary person and writer she was. Her sad departure earlier this year has impoverished us all. Most importantly, though, she does leave us a huge inspiration.
    Thanks for video – it was something quite…..unexpected.

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