Love, gratitude & source energy

Today after taking down the patio decorations from the Christmas day party we watched the movie Pride. The movie was good and worth the iTunes rent. For me very nostalgic due to its setting in 1984 when I was coming of age as a gay man.

This post is not about the movie. When we rent an iTunes movie and watch via our Apple TV, our dogs take the opportunity of the available warm laps to nap. Mitzi spent the entire two hours on mine. While the movie brought up some powerful nostalgic emotions, those could not touch the love I felt for my little dog.

I am so blessed. I do have a relationship with a God, or higher being/source, of my own understanding that I try to relate to daily. Today that relation was in miracle of my dogs. The blessings they bring into my life. The joy of just holding my little 13 year old six pound chihuahua/poodle mix as she slept.

Witnessing her love, her trust and then her peace as she drifted off to sleep was a miracle in itself that I am in deep gratitude for being blessed with today.

Mitzi asleep in my arms.

Mitzi asleep in my arms.


5 thoughts on “Love, gratitude & source energy

  1. I threw the leftover Christmas rolls into the yard for the birds to eat. The birds have ignored them. But ol’ Joe his brothers one in every time he goes out. He sheepishly runs up the stairs before he eats it because he can’t believe I’d allow him to keep such a treasure.

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