Eyes open

I watched the documentary The September Issue last night and found inspiration. The film is about the making of one issue of Vogue magazine and gives insight into that world. While Anna Wintour (Vogue editor) is one driven and focused woman that’s an inspiration on many fronts, it’s her creative director Grace Coddington that inspires me.

Grace actually started as a model in the 1960s and after a bad car accident injured her face she eventually continued working in the industry for the British version of the magazine. She, like Anna, is one driven and focused woman. The insight for me comes from witnessing her pure talent.

Her vision, passion, strength, humor and determination are amazing to watch. She doesn’t just sit back and tell people what to do, she gets in there and dresses her models. Her photos come out the way they do because she puts herself into them and it comes from deep within her.

I find myself inspired by people who open themselves from the heart and put that love into everything they do. Those who fearlessly put their passion, themselves from deep within,  on the line. I wish to somehow emulate that fearlessness as I grow. I want to develope the charachter to reach deep within and put my heart, my passion into everything I do without fear of loss or rejection.

There was a simple statement that she made that resonated with me. I shall contemplate today her words “When I travel I keep my eyes open, I don’t nap but watch everything around me. I never know when I may see something that will inspire me.”

3 thoughts on “Eyes open

  1. On my last trip to Paris I was having dinner with my ex and a friend at a restaurant on Boulevard Saint-Germain. It just happened to be fashion week. Anna walked in with her daughter to meet friends for dinner. She looked absolutely stunning in a beautiful dress and matching jacket. I was glad I had my eyes open that night.

    • Anna is one amazing woman. She and Grace work very well together. When Anna was asked what her best asset was she replied without hesitation “decisive”. That is something to respect.

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