The not so nice n soft beard

I’m fairly level headed. I Rarely lose my temper. When I do lose my temper, I lose it. I don’t like myself when I lose it.  I lost it today at the Verizon store.

A few weeks ago I ordered a new iPhone 6 as they did not have it in stock. I was due an upgrade. I was quoted that after my new phone arrived to bring in my old phone and I would get $100 credited to my account and $100 in in store merchandise (total $200) for my upgrade. I saw something I wanted that was right about $100 so I agreed and made the commitment. The phone arrived last Friday. I spent the weekend getting it set up and actually like it, even though it is bigger than the old one.

Today I go in to drop off the old phone and was informed that the deal I was quoted was no longer available. They would only give me $80 for the phone as a bill credit and nothing else. They explained that the value of the iPhone 5 decreases daily. I then explained that the reason I agreed to go ahead and fork out the cash for the new one was that deal I was offered, it’s not my fault they didn’t ship it until two and one half weeks later. After a back and forth with an assistant manager, the $80 was all they would give me.

The gasket blew. The hair stands up on the back of my head and the blood was pumping. The voice changed. The temper was lost. After the term “this is bait and switch” left my mouth and other customers started to notice this unhappy one, a manager-manager appeared in front of me.

Long story short I did receive the original deal I was quoted and I turned in my old phone. My sales guy was very professional handling this irate customer. I apologized for my behavior and he apologized for the situation.

I don’t feel bad for standing my ground. I do feel bad for blowing a gasket while doing it. What I need to do and will do is look at what I can learn from this. I have learned that if a product is not available and I’m quoted a credit, get that credit in writing. There is more in this for me to learn. Thus I wrote and share, it helps me to look at myself and how I can be better.

It is the holidays and there are some short tempers out there. What do you do to maintain an even temper and keep yourself from blowing up?

8 thoughts on “The not so nice n soft beard

  1. If, as I suspect, the air turned blue as you shrieked your rant I only hope that Fearsome shut his ears to the torrent of ‘cuss’ words. Would be intolerable to have your faithful friend, who slavishly accompanies you everywhere, corrupted by such shameful example. 😉

  2. “It’s just business.” I hate that phrase. It really means, “It’s our policy to @#&! you over unless you get angry enough for it to be in our best interest to treat you fairly and make you go away.” I’m not wired to handle it.

    Think of others who experienced the same bait and switch but rolled over and took it. Think of the times it happens and we don’t even know it’s happening. Bah!

  3. Sometimes you have to loose your temper to get what you want. Apologize after things settle down. Burn some sage when you get hope.

  4. “What do you do to maintain an even temper and keep yourself from blowing up”

    I don’t leave the house.


    I try to be polite and calm as much as possible, but when I am pushed too far, I too, have a shouty-angry-madly side. I don’t like it, but if I’m pushed hard enough, I can rarely stop it until my rant is done.

  5. Overall I don’t lose my temper. When I get upset I tend to be bitchy more than a bellower. It is no prettier. I try to keep composure and breathe. Perhaps I am too midwesterner to do more.

  6. Ive found 0.5mg to 1mg of Xanax to be quite effective. I agree I don’t like it when I blow up – I find sometimes it comes down to principle (its not necessarily the monetary portion) – if you are told “XYZ” then the company should delivery “XYZ”. One thing I try to do when negotiating or talking with vendors is to ask them to document our conversation on my account in their computer system. Then, if there is a problem I can direct the asst mgr or manager to the notes on my account to verify what I was told. Unfortunately, I have a hard time going over the situation, over and over in my head on what I should have done differently to avoid this – maybe this – maybe that. I don’t think anyone likes feeling like they were “duped” or “bait and switch’ed”. Sometimes the best option is to let your dollar talk for you by taking your business elsewhere

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