Warm Puppies

The holiday has been a busy one with family in and out of the house. Breakfasts, dinners, games, conversations, shopping, movies, love and lots of laughter have been the norm for the past week in our normally quiet home. Two extra dogs visiting with the house guest too made our dog count rise to 8.

We are worn out and so are our pups. We are grateful for such a wonderful family and all of the love we share. One of our nieces, who lives here in San Diego, announced she is expecting a baby boy in May!

The guests are waking up and packing to get on the road. We will spend the day cleaning and straightening up. I got the exterior Christmas lights up yesterday and will start working on the fat 8 ft tall Frasier Fir tree that now sits in my living room. The Christmas music will start playing on the stereo today and life will get back to normal with just the two of us and our six puppies.

I will get back to my blog reading by tomorrow as I haven’t had a chance with all the commotion to stop and read, relax or meditate. I am off until Monday so I have a true weekend to settle down into our quiet contented loving life. Although we are tired when we have had moments alone we have both expressed how happy we are to be so blessed.

Our big old house seems to smile when it’s full of family. Maybe it’s just us, maybe big old houses can actually smile … I choose to believe it’s both us AND the house that smile when filled with joy. I thank god, the universe, my higher power or whatever it is that gives me life for the life it gave me … It gave us.

Virgil rests on the top pillow keeping Patsy and Abner warm on this cool morning of 60 degrees F in San Diego.

Virgil rests on the top pillow keeping Patsy and Abner warm on this cool morning of 60 degrees F in San Diego.

May your day be filled peace. Big Hug, Bigger Smile! 😃

4 thoughts on “Warm Puppies

  1. cool at 60F? try 21F! silly fearsome!
    sounds like you had a great holiday.
    but now it is time to come back down to earth and reality and peace & quiet.
    I am enjoying my quiet time right now; spouse went to see his cousin, cats are napping, it’s just me and the disco music! I LOVE IT!

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