Now be honest with me…

Was I bad for posting about my seat mate on the last fight as we sat waiting at the gate?

Was I bad that I made him get up twice so I could use the restroom?

Was it bad of me to be slightly entertained that after being ignored by him and getting some attitude when his group “1” was called for boarding that he found himself sitting beside me for the next two and one half hours?

I feel it’s not too bad as long as I keep myself in check. Yes I really, only “really”,had to get to the restroom once the second trip could have been held… And yes I realize I was being slightly passive aggressive. I must acknowledge that being passive aggressive is at times a character defect of mine. I have to recognize it when I let that fault show its head and put on some restraint. However if you are riding my bumper, and I am going at least the speed limit, don’t expect me to speed up.

Constant examination of my actions and motivations are helping me to become more aware. Aware of my conciousness, desires, values, drives, faults and helping me to grow. Thus I post to share with others and document for myself.

It’s life, it’s a good life and I intend to get as much out of it as I can. I intend to love. I intend to live it better and better to the best of my abilities!

May your day be fabulous!


7 thoughts on “Now be honest with me…

  1. I believe your behavior was acceptable as long as you were polite in asking the man to let you out. Getting up for fellow passengers goes with the territory when one occupies an aisle seat on a plane. Also, there is no reason to be rude to a fellow traveler when one is asked a question. At times, plane travel can be frustrating and difficult so one should always be on their best behavior. Your seat mate was clearly not demonstrating their best behavior.

  2. Honest answer? Only you can know. I used to think I was good at discerning the motivations of others. Lately I find that I’m really only good at projecting my own reactions or perceptions. It’s got me caught in a mess that keeps me questioning myself, situations, and people. I expected more wisdom at this stage in my life, instead I’m more confused than ever.

  3. Not at all. I was on a Southwest flight from SFO to ORD last week. When I boarded, the only seats left were middle seats. I chose one in the exit row, to the consternation of the woman on the aisle. It was clear that she wanted the seat in the middle to be left empty. Although the flight crew had already announced that the flight was completely full. She let out a little “tsk, humph!” when I put my things in the seat. Ah well. And may I say that she was the fidgety-est human being I’ve ever encountered? On a four-plus-hour flight? Sheesh.

    I’ve learned from long experience that the person I see in the waiting area that I would most *not* *ever* want to sit next to is likely the person I will be sitting next to. *sigh*

    The Fearsome is really beautiful 🙂 Love the twinkle in the eyes above it 🙂

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