Fearsome rather enjoys flying. He’s done a lot of it this year. Travels to Ft. Lauderdale and to visit his parents in Virginia has racked him up more than 60,000 total miles in the air this year. The most ever in one year.

Flying is another place where I do a lot of oberservation. Most people do very well with flying but a few seem miserable. I’ve learned that you just have to go with the flow, smile and enjoy it. I rent movies on my iPad and spend my hours in flight experiencing fantasy worlds. Sometimes I read. Rarely do I sleep.

Watching people is another aspect of it. Time spent in airports for a people watcher, which I can sometimes be, is a smorgasbord of endless entertainment.

Then there’s the guy in the seat beside me right now on the plane. When I walked up to the gate and asked him if this was the line for group 2 he looked at me like I was from outer space. I repeated my question and then he turned his back. The guy in front of him in line saw what was happening and said “yes it’s the line for both groups 1&2” . When they called group 1 the guy with the attitude kinda threw his nose in the air as he stepped in front of me and walked on ahead. Little did he know when group 2 boarded I would be sitting beside him blogging.

I love flying!

Today I am grateful for a silly sense of humor!

2 thoughts on “Flying

  1. Stories like this make my day. They’re as much fun as having some bumper kissing asshole pass in a no passing zone only to get caught by the law a few hundred yards down the road. Glad you enjoyed your flight.

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