Breast cancer

I said I’d make up for missing my gratitude post yesterday due to travel and here goes.

(For anyone who missed my start, I took a challenge upon myself inspired by Doug over at icanhasgrace. During the month of November I will post about 1 thing I am grateful for daily.)

Last week I posted about Nina and her trip to the vet. While having her teeth cleaned we had two small masses removed. One at her tail was benign. The one under her skin on her belly was not. It was breast cancer. Yes breast cancer. Turns out with a little research that it is actually very common in dogs, especially dogs that have had two or more heats. I don’t know her history from years ago but due to her nipples I would bet you she went through several cycles if not had a litter of pups at some point many years ago.

Her tumor was very small. It was a grade one and her margins were cleared by our great vet. So that is all the treatment she will require. From here she will be checked regularly. The chances of re-occurrence are only 5% because it was caught early. It was our dog sitter that helped me rescue Nina that found the small lump. Just like in humans early detection is the key. If found early it is easily treated and most likely cured.

Today I am feeling gratitude for our dog sitter and her attention to detail. Her care and love of dogs saved Nina from an unnecessary illness.

Breast cancer survivor Nina. Have you checked your dog's breast for lumps recently?

Breast cancer survivor Nina. Have you checked your dog’s breast for lumps recently?

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