Rescued dogs are good dogs

Nina is doing great. She had her teeth cleaned Wednesday and had two small masses removed. Last night she was out of it from the anesthesia. Today she’s doing just fine. At 11.5 years old she’s a healthy girl and likes to play fetch. She will have been here three weeks tomorrow and has claimed her own spot. She gets along great with her five new siblings and is learning her place in the pack.

Three of Nina’s five new siblings are also rescues. Rescue pups really do bond with their new owners and seem to be thankful for the loving secure stable home. Nina does not seem to have been abused, just neglected for a year and a half after her owner passed away. She has yet to have barked or made a sound. She’s a good dog.

Nina's first selfie with Fearsome.

Nina’s first selfie with Fearsome.

6 thoughts on “Rescued dogs are good dogs

  1. Lovely little lady! How anyone can neglect, let alone abuse, such beautiful beings is beyond comprehension. She appreciates you having become her rescuer – it’s in her eyes. I thank you on her behalf.

  2. D’www. She’s a cutie. We’ve got two dogs and two cats. Joe, Josie, Fred, and Ming, all rescue, and each with their own personality. Oh, and my oldest son has moved back home with his cat, Percy. Percy, ugh… He was raised in a house with four college kids and has as much sense as you expect from that environment.

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