Gone private

I’m missing a friend. A blogger buddy that I popped in on most every day. He posted last week a warning that he had been hacked and not to open any e mails from him. Then over the weekend his blog started giving a message it had gone private.

I am not sure what happened or the outcome. I miss him. Either his blog is no longer or it is going private only for invitees and as of yet I’m not one.

I’m new at this so have not lost a blogger buddy until now. I will miss him greatly and hope he one day returns. He entertained many as He had a large following and I used to read his blog from time to time before I started Fearsome Beard. After starting up I became a daily reader and received many clicks to my blog from his. I sincerely hope he’s ok and that the “hacking” was minor.

I want to thank him for the support he gave me as a new blogger, for joining me in a meditation series and for all the insight and entertainment he provided. Who knows maybe we will all see him again soon, I sure hope so!

3 thoughts on “Gone private

  1. This is a not uncommon matter; blogs to private and (worse) they don’t announce it or tell you ‘why’
    and I have never been invited to see the private ones -ever.

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