Hot Topic!

Uh-Oh…Fearsome is going to Rant…..

Yep it’s that time again, we are inundated with TV ads, mailers and e mails.

Smear, smear, schmear!

The spin these campaigns can give us. Spin this way, spin that way, spin it till confusion seems the norm. It’s a competition for the candidate or the proposition campaign to see who can tear the other one down the most. Negativity rules!

All I can say is that I try my best to ignore them completely. I believe campaigns are not really about educating you, they are about trying to win you to their way of thinking and getting you to vote their way through our most basic instinct, the instinct of fear.

I ask you this, when have you made your best decisions? Have you made them through fear or through level headed educated thinking?

I try to read and educate myself as much as I can. I try to avoid campaign propaganda. I try to make decisions as best I can from a calm educated point of view. I try to make my voting decisions with those things that resonate with my values.

We all have different values. We should choose what resonates with our own values not someone else’s. Most of all we should not act through fear. Fear is not a rational place to make decisions, important decisions.


So wherever you are, whatever your political stance please educate yourself and find what resonates with your values then vote.

Tune out the ads and vote. Many people in our world don’t have that choice, a choice too many Americans take for granted and don’t exercise. We have that choice and each vote does make a difference. Voting makes us stronger.


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