Becoming part of a big family

Nina is settling in quite well. She is healthy. The vet said she does not appear to have been abused, just neglected. She appeared in overall good health. She had vaccine updates and some general tests. She us scheduled for a very badly needed teeth cleaning October 29. She is staying by my side all she can and is interacting well with the crew. She has a favorite bed in the corner that was Gilda’s spot but Gilda seems fine with it and is on another bed that she favored as her second spot. She has had no accidents in the house, has yet to have barked once and seems happier and more secure daily. At first she was a bit apprehensive having been alone for so long it’s like she was waiting to be abandoned again.

So here goes, the family of two men and five dogs appears to now officially be two men and six dogs. We are blessed with the space, the financial ability and more love than we could have ever imagined. Are we crazy? No, just full of love.

As I mentioned about the outpouring of support that all of you have given us … thank you! …if you wish to help the rescue organization that was willing to take Nina in you can help out here :

Nina would love you for it. She found a home here so she will not need any donations, but there are many others who do.

Thank you all for your love and concern. Nina will make regular appearances here so you can keep up with her.

Happily wagging her tail standing beside Gilda as Patsy whispers in Gilda's ear...

Happily wagging her tail standing beside Gilda as Patsy whispers something in Gilda’s ear…

7 thoughts on “Becoming part of a big family

  1. I’m so happy for her and you and the rest of the pack. She has appreciation for your kindness written all over her face and must think that she’s now in heaven, with that wretched past now just a bad dream. Lovely girl!

  2. Congratulations!

    All our furry friends have been rescues. The two cats (and the several before the current two), as well as our two dogs (and the several before them as well). I have a difficult time not wanting to take all the animals home at the shelter…

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